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We have collected answers to most frequent customer questions here.

1. What are email server settings to my Android, iOS, Microsoft and other devices and Apps?

SSL Encrypted Webmail address: https://ic4.eu/webmail
IMAP address: imap.ic4.eu    (non-encrypted port 143 or TLS encrypted port 993)
SMTP address: smtp.ic4.eu    (non-encrypted port 25  or TLS encrypted port 587)

2. What if I can't connect to IMAP server?

Make sure you use port 143 with plain authentication and remember -
your username is your email address.
If that fails try to use port 993 with TLS encryption.

3. What if I can't connect to SMTP server?

Many ISP's block SMTP port 25 to try to control SPAM traffic.
Try to use port 465 or 587 (SSL/TLS accept all certificates).
Also remember to use the same credentials for SMTP authentication that you used with
IMAP account. If you use your ISP's SMTP server you won't see "Sent" emails on Webmail.

4. What if my App complains about Cert Error?

Unless you have bought a certificate for your email server address,
You should configure your App to use above mentioned "real" addresses
rather than alias addresses (like mail.yourdomain.com.) (See picture.)

5. What if I my email stops working?

You can always remove your account from your App and reconfigure it from scratch.
If you use IMAP account the emails will stay safe on our servers even if your device

6. How can I change my eMail password?

You can always change your account password from your webmail settings. (See picture.)

7. How can I change my SPAM filter Settings?

You can always change your account SPAM filtter settings from your webmail settings. (See picture.)

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